Dr. Alicia Souza, MA, ABD




Dr. Alicia Souza, MA, ABD is a Research Assistant and Associate Editor for the Journal of Transformative Leadership and Policy Studies within the Doctorate in Educational Leadership Program at California State University, Sacramento where she is also a Doctoral Candidate working on her dissertation proposal. Alicia's research focuses on gender equity in education including Title IX, humanizing college and university leadership practices, bystander intervention and campus diversity.


Alicia is an outspoken proponent of comprehensive sexual education including consent focused sexual education. She is an intersectional feminist and understands that the greatest injustices occur at the intersection of race, class, gender, and ability. This blog seeks to take a deep-dive into the issue of gender equity in education, in order to provide followers with a fact-based understanding of current women's issues on campus and within the field of education.


Alicia received her MA in Sociology from Sacramento State in 2017. Her thesis focused on bystander intervention and rape myth acceptance. She received her BA in Sociology from California State University, Stanislaus in 2013.

Alicia smiles vibrantly at her Master of Arts Sociology graduation.
Alicia smiles vibrantly at her Master of Arts Sociology graduation.